In Atacan Educational Institutions our purpose is not only to educate students but also to prepare them for the real life. It is not enough for them to have knowledge to be able to compete with the youngsters from all over the world; they must feel love, respect and trust that are the basis of life. We build our education system on this basis.

What do we offer?

Strong Faculty

The faculty always provides academic support to all our students who work hard in line with their goals and objectives. In addition, the mentors, who aim to provide solutions to all kinds of problems of our students in line with the aims of the institution, continue to provide support in every aspect of life. With all kinds of information obtained about our students, a solid ground is created for them in the following years.

Intense Foreign Language Education

Focusing on the foreign language education of our students, we aim to provide an intense foreign language education to the “Builders of the Future” who will represent in the international platforms by focusing on foreign language learning of our students. From this point of view, we are determined to have Prep Class in our institution where the student who was ranked ‘3rd place in Turkey in ÖSS (Foreign Language Section)’. Therefore, foreign language is sine qua non in our education program.

Time Management and Open Communication

The only thing that cannot be compensated in life is loss of time in the education processes of our students, who act in line with a goal and target and make great efforts for them. For this reason, we have adopted the principle of keeping all institutional units open to communication, where you can always share your ideas and suggestions, in order to provide a healthy education process for our students.

Green Pen

We are aware of the importance of human education, and we always aim to combine our efforts in line with Atacan’s goals and objectives for this purpose. With our Green Pen application, we aim to ensure that our students acquire terminal behaviour and to take preventive measures.

Balanced and Healthy Nutrition

Our food services, which are provided to our students within the body of the institution under the supervision of our food engineer, consist of daily products. In addition to healthy, scientific production and consumption, serious attention is paid to the provision of hygienic environments.

Sports and Art Associations

Based on the principle of “education is for life", it is aimed to support the transformation of the theoretical academic knowledge of our students into performance in this environment and to transform these performances into behaviour in their future lives with the support of the art and sports club associations within the institution. Therefore, they become socially beneficial individuals.


In Atacan Educational Institutions, safety is always tried to be ensured by prioritizing the safety of our children. In order to protect our children from being affected by possible internal and external negative factors, a special sensitivity is shown at school entrance and exit times. Our safety sensitivity is maintained at the same level in applications for third parties within the organization.

Health and First Aid

A fast and solution-based process is followed as a response to all kinds of health and other problems of our students. All health processes of our students are closely followed by our nurse who supports us every day of the week and our workplace doctor who is in our school on certain days. Our students continue their education in a safer environment with our employees who have received first aid training and Ministry of Health certificate.

Everything starts with love

Our institution aims to raise individuals who shed light on the future, based on the philosophy that the best approach is relationships established with love. Love is being attached without being dependent. Attachment brings responsibility and conscious behaviour, which is the core condition for success. In our school, where the foundation of love is laid, productive, sharing, researcher individuals who can question the past and shed light on the future of the country are raised.

In such an institution you experience not ‘anxiety’ but ‘trust’.