To raise individuals who

• protect democracy and express their feelings and thoughts freely in line with Kemalism,
• learn the ways of obtaining information by improving their individual characteristics,
• research and produce,
• learn how to share in a loving environment,
• have grasped the scientific point of view through the work of the faculty who aim to discover the interests and talents of the students.
• know how to use technological opportunities, apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, and learn by doing and living.
• can express themselves by participating in arts and sports activities, develop their creativity, have high self-confidence, and socialize by adopting universal values.
• are able to use all their technical and social knowledge as needed
• have acquired the necessary equipment to be successful in the university entrance exams and have the basic knowledge that they will use in their academic education.
To raise generations that we can safely entrust our future to…


Students are obliged to wear the clothes determined in line with the regulations published by the school administration and the Ministry of National Education at the beginning of the academic year.

The parents of the student who cannot attend school due to an illness or excuse are required to call the school administration to inform. Students who do not come to school due to their illness must obtain a report from official health institutions “for excused absence".

The school starts at 08.25 and ends at 15.35.
Students must attend school.

a- Students who do not attend school for a total of 10 days without an excuse during the academic year are considered unsuccessful regardless of their grades.

b- The total of the leave given by the school administration with excused or unexcused absences cannot exceed 30 days.
The student cannot bring medicine to school. However, if medication is required for the student, it should be given to the school nurse by the parent.

Parents, who take students to the school, should not enter the school building for the sake of security during the drop-off and pick-up processes.

It is inconvenient for the parents to wander in the corridors where the classrooms are located during the lessons, as it may adversely affect the teaching.


Discipline in our school is ensured through the integrity of democratic understanding, mutual love and respect.

In our institution, disciplinary approach is consistent in order to ensure that the rules are obeyed by our students, that their positive behaviours are reinforced, and that their negative behaviours are prevented.

Our institution aims to raise students who are aware of their rights and think, express their thoughts freely, speak, ask, question, and respect others.

In order to achieve this goal, our institution has adopted a disciplinary approach that gives students the right to speak, corrects their mistakes by convincing them, investigates the causes of their negative behaviours and follows the principle of eliminating these behaviours.

However, the necessary measures are taken by applying the articles of the Ministry of National Education Regulation on Primary Education Institutions regarding the evaluation of student behaviour for our students who have problems in their attitudes and behaviours.


In Atacan High School, communication with parents is provided through announcements handed out to students, SMS and the internet. For instance, on the days when the student is absent or the student does not participate in the remedial hour even though s/he is supposed to, the parents are informed by an SMS on the same day.

The cooperation of teachers, parents and school administration is the most important factor in raising our students in a healthier way. Therefore, a general teacher-parent meeting is held once in each semester throughout the academic year. The day and time of this meeting is sent to all parents via SMS e in advance and announced on the website.

Since we believe that face-to-face communication gives healthier results in sharing student-related issues, individual interviews are held with parents. In order for these exchanges to be regular and scheduled, at the beginning of the academic year, the days and times of weekly parent meetings of all teachers are determined with a schedule given to the students.


Atacan High School has remedial hours in order to increase the knowledge level of the students. There are two types of remedial programs developed in line with this purpose.

Optional Program: Every student, who wishes, has the opportunity to study one-to-one with their teachers at the school between 16.00 and 17.00 on weekdays after school; therefore, each of our students can study with their teachers for TYT or AYT, prepare for the school exam or make up for their deficiencies.

Remedial Hour on a Specific Subject: It is held at a predetermined time on a subject that the teacher and student decide together. Thus, the student’s development level and their success increase.