With our trained stewardesses and experienced drivers who obey traffic rules, we take your children safely from home to school and from school to home every day. Our drivers and stewardesses are regularly trained by pedagogues who are experts in their fields.

All of our service vehicles have GPS tracking systems within the knowledge of our parents.

Special Service Special Responsibility

In Student Transportation, shuttle service is a special service and a special responsibility.

Being aware of this responsibility, we prioritize the safety of our children, who are our future, above all else. Ensuring the safety and comfort of our children before and after school is one of the most important services to our country.

Continuous Improvement

Being aware of the importance of service in Student Transportation, we ensure our work in an effort to continuously improve the safety and comfort of our students, by using all the opportunities of technology, by providing the necessary training to our drivers, and by strictly fulfilling the safety rules.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

All of our vehicles have a GPS tracking system, and we provide 24/7 access to information such as instant location and speed. In addition, we have several applications about speed-or-route limitation of vehicles and provide you with instant warning in case of violation.

Şadiye ŞANLIER –Transportation Director | ATACAN SCHOOLS
Phone: 0 216 410 77 80 (Extension:136)
Mobile Phone: 0 531 733 97 30 – Lake Turizm