Assessment Department

The purpose of the Assessment Department, which is within the body of Atacan Private Educational Institutions, is to contribute to the increase of the quality and efficiency of education while providing “mastery learning" and increasing success.

Mastery Learning Model is one of the learning models that allows each student to learn at the highest level. In the Mastery Learning Model, it is aimed that even slow learners learn by providing each student with the necessary time to learn.

The Assessment Department, which is an integral part of the education process, monitors the academic development of students by measuring whether the objectives aimed to be achieved in the lessons are realized. Students' academic progress is assessed through exams and all performances in school.

Assessment, which plays a very important role in an efficient teaching system, starts with the determination of goals and acquisitions and continues with determining how much these goals have been achieved. By making use of the results obtained, it ends with making suggestions to the interested parties to eliminate the deficiencies and reinforcing the strengths and to implement the measures taken.

The Assessment Department shares the information obtained through all these studies with teachers and school administration.

Assessment of Success

After completing a unit, homeroom teachers assess the topics related to the unit. In this way, the degree of understanding of the subjects is determined. There are remedial studies to reinforce the subjects that are not understood.

Grades 1-3 are assessed according to their in-class performances, and Grade 4 students are also assessed with a written exam, at least twice from each course in the semester.

General Assessment Exams: Grade 2-3-4 students have 4 process monitoring activities and 3 general activities test done by the Assessment Department in each semester. These activities are carried out in order to make students gain the habit of taking tests efficiently and carefully, and to see the success levels of themselves regarding the subjects they have learned during the term and to make up for their deficiencies.