Dear Parents,

We have become a big family including our parents, students, teachers and administrators at Atacan Educational Institutions since 1989, embracing the idea that love and respect are the basis of our institution. We set out the journey to raise generations that protect democracy in line with Kemalist thought, express their feelings and thoughts freely, learn the ways of acquiring knowledge by developing their individual characteristics, are researcher, productive, know how to use technological opportunities, enrich their personality with arts and sports activities, learn to share, and to whom we can safely entrust our future. In this journey, we are competing with the era we are in and ourselves, we always try to achieve better.
As an institution that follows innovations in education, we are aware that high self-perception is the core of healthy individuals and healthy individuals are the core of successful societies. Educational triangle consists of school, family and children. We understand that this trio has a strong bond of love, hence we now look ahead confidently.

Dear Youngsters,

You own the future. You are the hope for life. You are farsighted. With the global awareness you have, you strengthen the future of our country as well as taking safe and firm steps towards your future.
Living one’s youth means knowing how to use your mind wisely, protecting your future and working in this direction. Therefore, you must always be dynamic, agile and brave.
You, the young ones, will plant the seeds of love in such a loveless world. You will rise like the sun on the boundless horizons of the bright future, by embracing the values of the republic. While walking on this long and arduous road, of course, you will suffer from time to time, have difficulty and even make mistakes. However, in the light of science, common sense, love for your country and devotion to each other, you will learn from your mistakes and continue on your way with endless faith.
It doesn’t matter whether you run ahead, in the middle or behind in this race for the future of your country. All that matters is that you maintain your commitment to each other and your belief in your values. Thus, you will rediscover your country and make it liveable.
Remember the world’s deep blue seas, the sparkling sky, boundless forests and all other living creatures will continue to exist if you take care of them.