Modern understanding of education not only aims the mental development of students, but also aims their physical, social and spiritual development. As Atacan Educational Institutions Counselling Department, our main goal is to ensure that students develop their talents and skills during these periods, and become emotionally and socially mature individuals. The department acts by emphasizing the importance of family support and cooperation while carrying out its operations in order to recognize and improve the cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural characteristics of students within the framework of protective and preventive approach.


While developing the “school concept", children create a scheme through their experiences and start the education life with the scheme created in their mind. As each child's emotions will be different, the intensity and duration of experiencing these emotions also vary. It should not be forgotten that every child is unique and goes through their own adaptation process. During this period, it is necessary to be patient, understanding and supportive towards them. Research has shown that the reason for refusing to go to school is not dislike of the place, but the inevitable emotions created by the process of going to school.

Activities are organized within the framework of the “School Orientation Program" in order to strengthen the emotional, social and educational readiness of students who have just started kindergarten. In this context, students are informed about the processes they will face. Students who have problems in the adaptation process to the school are supported individually. Parents are also informed and included in these processes.

School Maturity

There are series of visual perception and school maturity tests carried out in order to determine the physical, mental, social, and emotional development and readiness of pre-school students as they transfer to the first grade in primary school. The parents are informed in line with these studies and observations.

Individual Counselling for Students

Individual interviews are initiated by students applying to the Counselling Department in line with their own needs, or by evaluating feedback from parents and teachers. Moreover, the process is also initiated through the evaluation of inventories, tests, etc. applied by the Counselling Department.

At certain periods, studies are carried out taking into account the developmental characteristics of the age group and the progress of the students is monitored. The parents are informed in line with the observations. During counselling process, students are listened to unconditionally and respectfully, without judging them, while respecting their privacy and personal rights. The students who have counselling services are helped to understand themselves and their environment, to make realistic decisions in solving their problems, to recognize the opportunities in their environment and to develop their capacity at a level suitable for them. Not only focusing on their weakness, but also by supporting their strengths, the students are encouraged to be the individuals who are at peace with themselves, questioning, spiritually healthy, happy and able to make decisions on their own behalf.

Progress Monitoring

The emotional, educational and social progress and developments of the students are monitored by using individual interviews, observations and expressive methods.

Classroom Observations: The purpose of classroom observations at all age levels is to get to know the student in his/her natural environment and within the group.

Counselling for Parents

All observations and works evaluated according to our student's age group are conveyed to the parents through individual parent meetings each semester. The parents are given detailed information about their children's emotional, social and cognitive strengths and weaknesses that need support. Awareness-raising activities are carried out for related topics. Besides, guidance service is provided for parents on the subject they want to consult. Psycho-education is also provided for families in line with their needs. Throughout a school year, parents and the counselling department collaborate.


The seminars are organized for students and parents according to the needs and wishes arising during the year. They are organized and carried out by school counsellors and experts on the subject in a single session or several sessions of information sharing.


Bulletins are prepared to inform parents and students in line with the wishes and needs determined during the year.