It is now widely known that the cleaning systems of schools directly affect human health, self-image, self-confidence, behaviour and overall academic performance, in short, the whole life. Children educated in clean schools will undoubtedly be healthier.

We protect and value our students, teachers and employees. For this reason, cleaning is given a high level of importance in our school.

Daily and general cleaning of all common areas in our school (restrooms, classrooms, teachers' room, library, executive rooms, infirmary, conference hall, gym, laboratory, etc.) is carried out by our trained personnel with cleaning agents and equipment of international standards, and these areas are constantly ventilated. The control of the common areas, which are disinfected and ventilated at routine intervals, is carried out by the administrators and the health unit. In all restrooms, fast-consuming materials such as liquid soap, toilet paper and paper towels are always checked. In order to meet the need for healthy drinking water in our institution there are water stations on some several spots. The water tank is cleaned at regular intervals and chlorinated and the cleaning activities are carried out without any water cut.

Regarding Corona Virus (Covid-19), we placed hand disinfectant products at many points of our school. In addition, our school has been completely disinfected by experts. Classrooms are ventilated in accordance with the rules. Through the seminar on “How to Clean?” intended for the cleaning staff of our school, the staff were trained. Our staff prepares a healthy environment for our students by cleaning the school with special disinfectants. In addition, we inform our students with posters that increase the habit of hand washing and raise awareness.

We provide our services with the trained personnel in the field. There are several trainings on technical, occupational safety, and occupational health, hygiene and first aid for all our employees. Besides, samples are taken from the school building in 3-month periods and controlled. Cleaning and maintenance periods are determined to provide a hygienic working and living environment, and the entire service is measured and evaluated with weekly and monthly inspections.

Our school meets the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) requirements with the quality of cleaning services and the criteria it fulfils, and has been awarded the “My School is Clean Certificate".