Human Resources Mission and Strategy

Our Mission

– To hire employees who will adopt the mission and vision of our institution,
– To increase the productivity of our employees and to make their success sustainable,
– To create a working environment where our employees can improve themselves and use their creative aspects and to provide this in all human resources applications.

Our Strategy

– To employ a qualified workforce that is professional, people-oriented, communicative and tolerant, takes responsibility and has privileges with all these features,
– To make sharing time and information, as well as an ethical perspective in our work, our culture,
– To stand with our employees by applying human resources policies that give confidence and make a difference, to keep their motivation high,
– To support our employees' professional, personal and social development by providing fair opportunities.

Our Organizational Structure

General Directorate

Board of Directors
Human Resources and Administrative Affairs
Corporate Communication
IT Department
Accounting Department
Internal Services
Operator and Information Desk
Health Unit
Editorial Department
Printing Office

Atacan Kindergarten

Counselling Department
Homeroom Teaching
Applied Courses
Foreign Language
Science Laboratory

Atacan Primary School

Homeroom Teaching
Mathematical Courses Department
Social Courses Department
Foreign Language Department
Applied Courses Department

Atacan Anatolian High School

Mathematical Courses Department
Social Courses Department
Foreign Language Department
Applied Courses Department


– With our recruitment system, we ensure the employment of personnel suitable for the core values and job requirements of our institution for the vacant positions available in our institution.
– We organize the execution of orientation and rotation programs in order to ensure the adaptation of the employed personnel to the job and the institution.

Performance Management and Career Planning

• The Performance Management System aims
– to provide qualified human resources to our Institution and to develop each employee by referring them as a potential talent
– to ensure corporate success by planning and managing the performance of the employees of the Institution in line with the performance targets of the Institution.
• The results of the performance assessment constitute data for the creation of our employees' career plans.
• “Employee Satisfaction Survey” is applied in order to take the pulse of our employees and to receive feedback about their satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction in a healthy way.

Occupational Training Services

Our education management system is designed to ensure that our personnel are equipped with all kinds of knowledge and skills necessary to do their job and represent Atacan Educational Institutions in the best way in any platforms, in accordance with the requirements of the era.


A salary management system has been founded as a result of job assessment done by grouping the existing jobs in the institution.
The developments in salaries in the education sector and the performance of individuals form the basis of the salary management system.

CV Gönder