Health Unit

In our institution, health services are by the full-time nurse a doctor who visits the school on certain days between hours. With the health services provided, it is aimed to minimize the health problems that may occur in the school and to keep the health level high.

In case of any accidents, collisions, etc., the first intervention is done in our infirmary, and in case of further examination and treatment, the parents are called or the students are transferred to the health institution within the knowledge of the parents.

In addition to daily emergency interventions, our health unit gives the medicine that the student needs to use on time, with the medicine follow-up form prescribed by the physician and signed by the parent, and can exchange information by contacting the parents of our students whenever it deems necessary. Therefore, the calls to be made by the health unit do not always mean emergency.

Our unit also supervises the hygiene and cleaning control of the units such as kitchen, dining hall and canteen. It makes sure that more hygienic conditions are provided by taking samples from the kitchen and dining hall twice a year in quarterly periods. We provide training to our students and all our employees on subjects such as diabetes, obesity, personal hygiene, and first aid and try to raise awareness of our students on these issues.

Health is the greatest blessing. Protecting our health is one of our primary duties. If a person is healthy, s/he can fulfil his/her duties. Paying attention to hygiene is the first element of maintaining health.