33 Years of Tradition Continues

The educational journey which we, as Atacan Educational Institution, set out with the motto “Everything Starts with Love" in 1989 continues with the enthusiasm and hope just like on the first day to raise the lights of the future.

School is not an institution which prepares students only for exams. It is a living place preparing the future generations for the life. According to the modern philosophy of education, school is life itself. The most important role of a school is to raise students who adopt artistic, scientific, sportive and cultural values and develop environmental awareness, as well as academic success.

As Atacan Educational Institutions, we aim to raise individuals who achieve success in life from kindergarten to university, with our experienced teachers using modern education methods and techniques, with our strong infrastructure, with our foreign language education that provides the four basic language skills, with the Atacan Sports Association strengthening the sportive aspects of our students, and the Atacan Art Association developing the artistic and cultural aspects of our students.

It has been our aim for 33 years for a better world to raise individuals who question and inquire, are happy, value science, do not hesitate to produce, have the opportunity to show themselves in sports and artistic fields, integrate with the whole world, have high social skills, do not get tired of working, follow the light of Atatürk’s principles and revolutions.

In the light of Atatürk’s principles and reforms, we will continue this blessed journey that we set out with the motto “Everything Starts with Love" 33 years ago, to serve for our future, for the bright future of our country and for all humanity.

Middle and High School Principal