Dear Parents,

Setting the right goals in education and preparing individuals for life in line with these goals is undoubtedly one of our primary duties as educators. It is one of the most important universal values that we desire to instil our students by creating a democratic school environment and supporting their sharing and collaborative work by adopting democracy.

Running the world, having a word to say and, above all, being able to shape history are among the responsibilities that future generations have to undertake. We have full confidence that our students will achieve these goals by establishing a strong bond between school and daily life and by realizing their self-development at the highest level.

In this context, we, as Atacan Private Educational Institutions, are determined to continue high-quality education activities in the following years. With our education programs that we have created with a contemporary and Kemalist education approach, we gradually grow each year and increase our awareness in the education world.

Education makes a difference and is a lifelong process. Remember that our future will exist thanks to the generations protecting and keeping their national, moral and social values alive. Therefore, our responsibility is great and our task is not easy at all, but how happy are we who can cause fresh start in the lives of the students every day.

Hoping to raise a generation that can stand on its feet, always protect its national and spiritual values and grow up with love. Warm regards!

Kindergarten and Primary School Principal