Our aim is to raise individuals who can use Turkish language correctly and effectively both in the verbal and oral senses, speak in front of public with self-confidence, who have developed an intellectual taste, understood and embraced national and universal virtues, who behave accordingly, and who are sensitive to the problems in our country and around the world. In line with this purpose, as the Turkish Language – Literature Department, we hold several projects throughout the school year.


To expand our students' capabilities in an academic sense and to well prepare them for LGS and YKS exams, in addition to regular classes, we hold

• Summer School,
• Remedial Studies on Weekdays,
• Individual Studies,
• and Weekend Classes.

To determine our students' academic success, we use

• Textbooks,
• Books from various publishers,
• Past questions from TYT-AY exams,
• Sample exam questions from the Ministry of Education (MEB),
• Learning outcome tests of the Ministry of Education (MEB),
• Single-sheet tests (chosen in the beginning of every year of study),
• And have our students take Unit Exams and Countrywide Exams.

In addition;

• Students present their school projects in the class,and often take part in contests in fields such as poetry, essay writing, debate, etc.
• We organize cultural trips according to the students' ages,
• We hold the “Traditional Atacan Poetry Night",
• We organize the “Traditional Atacan Debate Tournament",
• We have workshops and conversation sessions with poets and writers,
• There are creative writing practices,
• We have wall newspapers and bulletin boards to demonstrate the meaning of being a “responsible citizen",
• We choose the books our students are to read throughout the school year with our project called “Reading Line".

View the list of books we recommend to our students.

Science Department

Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses, under the umbrella of Science Department, provide the education environment required to bring up individuals who acquire 21st century skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, cooperation and who are eager to make research on the universe and nature. The science curriculum in our school are conducted and reinforced with our school trip programs regarding our experiments in our laboratories and course acquisitions at all levels in order raise science-literate students starting from kindergarten.

Due to the pandemic, we continued to do our experiments with our students during the online education period. Nothing prevents us from staying away from science or bringing science into our homes.

Every year, Science Festival is organized with the participation of our students in which they take an active role. In this organization, our students carry out experiments suitable for their ages. In addition, the projects of our students done during the academic year are exhibited at the Science Festival we organize every year.

In the program of our students who prepare for the entrance exams for high schools and universities, there are sample questions shared by the Ministry of National Education, questions from the past years, questions in our textbooks and questions from many different sources. During the preparation process, our students frequently rehearse for the real exam by taking practice exams and taking tests during the lesson against time.

For other students who are not in the exam preparation group, the tests applied at the end of each subject are evaluated by the Assessment Department. Thus, the development levels of our students are regularly monitored. After the subjects and acquisitions they lack are determined by the Assessment Department, they are covered with appropriate study plans.

As the Science Department, we had a project on social services named “We Share Our Books!" in the 2021-2022 academic year. With the support of our teachers, we delivered the books donated by our middle and high school students to the Maltepe Municipality Republic Education Centre for the middle and high school students who live in needy regions of our country. While sharing our books, we also experienced the happiness of sharing our dreams for a beautiful future together.

With this project, our students experienced that sharing strengthens the sense of social unity, what they should pay attention to when using educational materials, and how this behaviour can make people happy even without knowing to whom they help.

We participated in the organization by the international environmental education project SEMEP in the 2021-2022 academic year with 2 students from the high school and 3 students from the middle school. The theme of the competition is “Ecological, Economic, Social and Technological Urban Transformation in the light of the themes of Urban Culture, Protection of Water-Soil-Air, Recycling, Ecological Balance, Industry 4.0”.

As the Science Department, within the scope of the “My student has become a Teacher” project, our high school students gave lectures to middle school students, and our middle school students gave lectures to primary school students.

“The truest guide for everything in the world, for civilization, for life, for success, is science."

                                                                   Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK
Foreign Languages

As Atacan Private Educational Institutions who have always aimed to raise confident, modern and well-qualified young people who support creative thinking, one of our primary goals is to teach our students a foreign language along with teaching them our mother tongue and to improve some skills as they learn this foreign language.

As the Foreign Languages department, whose principle is learning for a lifetime and who has a student-centric education approach, our aim is to teach our students how to use English accurately and fluently by helping them improve their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills more effectively; make them feel the privilege of speaking a foreign language, support their social and communicational skills in case they study abroad; to introduce the world, different viewpoints and different cultures, and help them use foreign languages in every part of their lives.

In our institution, our students see foreign languages not as lessons, but as a lifestyle and continue their language education in an environment created to help them develop their skills more actively and in the best possible way. This way, when our students successfully graduate and start their lives as adults, their interest in and hobbies about foreign languages will have remained and they will take steps to learn other foreign languages as well.

Cambridge ESOL Exams are the most well-known and valid one of the foreign language exams. We have our students take the Cambridge Exams, which are the most well-known and valid exams, every year to make their performance throughout the years and the level they reached official with an exam that has international validity. It is optional for our students to take these exams (Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET, FCE, etc.) that asses their four basic skills.


• Foreign Language enables a person to perceive the world from another perspective and to recognize and understand foreign cultures from this point of view.
• The effective use of English, which is the language of international communication, is an indispensable tool for us to keep up with the developments in every field as a nation.
• Foreign language education based on acquiring knowledge and skills can only be given in the Prep Class with an intensive program.
• Focusing on the foreign language education of our students, we aim to provide an intense foreign language education to the “Builders of the Future” who will represent in the international platforms. For this reason, foreign language is a must for us
• The prep class is a great OPPORTUNITY to get through the adolescence period more easily while learning the foreign language in the best way possible, and to start the study marathon for YKS as a year older.
• In the prep class, a special program is applied in order for students not to forget the science and social courses.
• As ATACAN PRIVATE ANATOLIAN HIGH SCHOOL, our prep class practice continues successfully, which enables students who graduate from all fields to skip the prep classes of various universities.


Model United Nations is an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. At a MUN conference, students work as the representative of a country, organization, or person, and must solve a problem with other delegates from around the world. The resolutions written in MUN organizations are sent to the United Nations. In MUN organizations, the simulation of the United Nations, students represent the assigned countries in certain committees including Disarmament and Security, Economic and Financial, Social, Humanitarian and Culture etc. Students in MUN conferences are the delegates of countries other than their hometowns. Thus, students learn to look at world affairs from the perspective of other nations and have in-depth knowledge of the geographical, social, economic, political and administrative aspects of different countries.

Through the MUN Club Activities, our students can
• meet new people, establish new friendships,
• learn diplomacy and global issues better,
• develop their self-confidence and leadership skills,
• gain persuasion skills,
• overcome their fear of public speaking,
• improve their English both verbally and in writing.


Our students Doruk KANDEĞER, Arina Asya AGUN, Defne Süheyla KARAN and Doğa AKÇA attended the IKUMUN'19 Conference organized by Istanbul Kültür University on 5-7 April 2019, under the guidance of our club teachers Demet ALÇAR and Uğurcan AKATAY.

In IKUMUN'19, the committees of the students are as follows:


These committees were determined as Advanced in terms of English level in the list prepared by Kültür University. Although our students participated in a MUN conference for the first time, they performed very well. At the end of the conference, all our students were given certificates of participation. In addition, our student Doruk KANDAĞER won the “The Best Delegate" award in the committee he was in, and Arina Asya AGUN in the same committee won the “Outstanding Delegate" award.


Our students, who participated in the CALMUN 2019 Conference organized by Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School on 9-12 May 2019, successfully represented our school under the guidance of our club teachers Demet ALÇAR and Uğurcan AKATAY.

In CALMUN 2019 the committees of the students are as follows:


Our students Mehmet Berk BÜTÜNER, Zeynep KÜLLAÇ and Sude Janset SU, who took part in the committees determined by Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School, have made us proud once again by showing great success.

At the end of the conference, all our students were given certificates of participation. In addition, Doğa AKÇA was deemed worthy of the “The Most Distinctive Delegate in the Committee” award in her committee.


Our students, who attended the AnakentMUN'19 Conference organized by Anakent College on 19-22 November 2019 at Maltepe University Campus, successfully represented our school under the guidance of our club teachers Demet ALÇAR and Uğurcan AKATAY.

In ANAKENTMUN’19, the committees of the students are as follows:

1. Arya IŞIK: GA:2 Ecofin
2. Mehmet Berk BÜTÜNER: GA:2 Ecofin
3. Arina Asya AGUN: JCC: Italian Partisan Movement
4. Yüksel Doruk KANDEĞER: JCC: Italian Partisan Movement
5. Poyraz YORGANCIOĞLU: UN Women
6. Irmak ERDİNÇ: GA:2 Ecofin
7. Berrak ERDİNÇ: GA:2 Ecofin
8. Irmak Işıl ALANAT: GA:2 Ecofin
9. Pelin YURTDAGÜLEN: GA:2 Ecofin
10. Nehir Azra ALTUNEL: GA:2 Ecofin
11. Özgü Ece TINMAZ: UN Women

Our students Poyraz YORGANCIOĞLU, Arina Asya AGUN and Mehmet Berk BÜTÜNER, who took part in the committees, received the “Honourable Mention", Arya IŞIK and Doruk KANDEĞER were deemed worthy of the “Most Outstanding Delegate" awards. At the end of the conference, all our students were given certificates of participation.


As MUN (Model United Nations) Club, we aim to provide our students with different perspectives without being indifferent to world problems, to enable them to meet students from various parts of our country, to use English effectively and efficiently, to improve their speaking skills in front of the public and to gain research skills on determined topics, while participating in national events. For this purpose, our students, who participated in the CAKAMUN'22 Conference organized by İzmir Private Çakabey College on March 18-20, 2022, successfully represented our school under the guidance of our club teachers Demet ALÇAR and Elmer PEAL.

In ÇAKAMUN'22, the committees of the students are as follows:

• Irmak ERDİNÇ, Berrak ERDİNÇ, Arina Asya AGUN: UNODC
• Nehir Azra ALTUNEL: SC

Nehir Azra ALTUNEL, who took part in the committees determined by Private Çakabey College, received the “Honourable Mention Award", Arina Asya AGUN and Pelin YURTDAGÜLEN had “The Outstanding Delegate" award, while Arya IŞIK received “The Best Delegate" award.



„Der Mensch ist nur Mensch durch Sprache.”
“Man is man through language alone.”

Wilhelm vom Humboldt

• One of the most important languages in the world is German. In Atacan Educational Institutions, we actively teach German as a second foreign language. Our goal is to make students love the German language. We adopt a student-centred lesson approach in order to use the four basic skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking in foreign language learning.
• In Anatolian High School, intensive German lessons are taught in our prep classes. Thanks to the reinforcement exercises given at the end of the unit, it is aimed to learn the target language completely. Thus, the students learn both languages in a context.
• At the end of high school education, students learn daily use of German language and can express themselves in German. Students can benefit from higher education opportunities in Germany with the speaking skills and grammar they have acquired.
• It is a fact that most of the people who are world-renowned and successful in their fields are German. For this reason, we include German culture and the lives and works of important people in German literature in our lessons.


Geography is the study of the relationship between nature and human. In geography lessons, our students can recognize and make sense of the environment with examples from life and learn about the city, country and world they live in. They have a different perspective of environment. They learn their responsibilities in relation to the nature. They adopt the principles of sustainability and savings in natural resource management. They understand the value of natural resources that Turkey has and learn to protect them. In line with these principles, we enable our students to have map reading studies in geography lessons in our school. In this way, our students get detailed information about our country and the world. While giving lectures, it is ensured that students use their visual memory by using documentaries, animations and photographs.

Thanks to the Project-Model works assigned throughout the year, it is aimed that our students both increase their crafting skills and better understand the subject covered. Within the framework of the project “My Student Became My Teacher", it is aimed that our students become self-confident individuals and develop the ability to express themselves in front of the community.

With the projects named “Houses of Love, Nature Trips, Festival of Countries, I Know Turkey" we organize within the scope of social responsibility projects, it is aimed that our students respect humanity and nature, and protect people and nature. With all these activities, we aim to develop our students' empathy skills and to make them sensitive towards the world. Our students also show a high level of participation in all projects and activities held in our school with a great desire and devotion.


· Physical Education
· Visual Arts
· Technology and Design
· Music
· Information Technologies and Software
· Chess
· Folk Dances
· Drama
· Theatre
· Ballet
· Dance

General Objectives

The overall objectives of applied courses is to find out and develop the interests and abilities of the students.


Objectives of Our Music Classes

Atacan music program aims to

-popularize music, improve creativity skills of students, increase their interest and ability in music, develop self-discipline of students that will enable them to have a good musical ear, enrich their knowledge,

– reinforce the sense of rhythm, create their own rhythm through classroom and club activities,

– raise individual who can understand the importance Atatürk gave to art and music,

– teach songs suitable for certain days and weeks in line with choir awareness.

It is aimed to inform about human, society and music relations. It is focused on the meaning and quality of the music we sing and listen to. It is ensured that our students exhibit their musical acquisitions in various activities and develop their social aspects.

The competitions that we attend

• Choir Festivals
• High School Musical Competitions

Our School Trips (regarding Music)



In Physical Education, our students not only learn to improve their bodies and stay fit, but also learn to cooperate with others and recognize their own strengths and weaknesses.

It is among our objectives to direct our students towards performance sports in line with their abilities and to introduce them to the life cultures of the performance sports they are interested in.

Our Objectives

– Strong bone, muscle structure and good posture habits in a good morale,

– Positive and contemporary personality traits exhibited in social life,

– Physical exercises with the purpose of recreation and competition

–Understanding and appreciation of certain scientific principles related the movement,

– Enabling children to successfully participate in sports, shows and exercises by developing their psychomotor skills,

– Focusing on the importance of nutrition, hygiene, prevention from harmful habits and first aid information in order to be healthy individuals.

The “Health-Related Physical Fitness Scorecard" Program is implemented in order to help students acquire the habit of physical activity, to develop the physical skills necessary for participation in physical activities in the curriculum of physical education and sports, and to create individual awareness for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our students' heights, weights and flexibility are measured.

Our School Teams’ Successes



Junior Girls 2nd in the District (2011)
3rd in the District (2015)
1st in the District (2016)
Junior Boys 1st in the District (2017)

Star Girls 2nd in İstanbul, 4th in Turkey (2014)
1st in the District, 3rd in İstanbul, 5th in Turkey (2015)
1st in the District, 1st in İstanbul (2017)
1st in the District, 3rd in İstanbul, 2nd in Turkey (2018)
1st in the District, 1st in İstanbul, The Champion of Turkey (2019)


Star Girls 3rd in the District (2017)
Star Boys 3rd in the District (2019)


Minors 1st in İstanbul (2013)
Stars 2nd in İstanbul (2013)



Senior Girls 7th (2012)
1st in District – 6th in İstanbul (2013)
1st in District – 5th in İstanbul (2014)
1st in District – 2nd in İstanbul (2015)
1st in İstanbul (2017)
1st in District – 3rd in İstanbul, 2nd in Turkey (2018)
Senior Girls A İstanbul Champion (2019)
Senior Girls A İstanbul Champion (2019)


Senior Girl

Turkey Championship 50 M Third Place (2012)
50 M Freestyle Istanbul Championship (2012)
200 M Freestyle Istanbul Second Place (2012)
100 M Freestyle Istanbul Third Place (2012)
100 M Butterfly 3rd Place in Istanbul (2012)
4×100 Free Relay Balkan Youth Record and
Turkey Record (2013)
4×100 Mixed Relay Second Place in Turkey (20139
4×200 Free Flag Turkey Third Place (2013)
100 M Butterfly Individual Turkey Third Place (2013)
50 M Butterfly Turkey Championship (2013)
200M Freestyle – 4×100 Freestyle Gymnasiad Semi-Final,
Final (2013) Swimming


Ataköy Athletic Track Trip
Project Tour as part of World Orienteering Day
Ski Camp Trip
Çanakkale Trip
Anıtkabir Trip
Bursa Gökmen Science Museum Trip


In visual arts classes, our students express themselves through art. They acquire the skill of recognizing and interpreting works by examining examples from Turkish and world art. In the classes students do ceramic works, pastel, gouache, acrylic works on canvas, learn printing techniques, marbling works and three-dimensional designs with waste materials. Our students are encouraged to participate in competitions suitable for their age and level throughout the year. At the same time, our students are educated about the general concepts of art, artists and art movements.


Technology and design classes aim to raise individuals who are creative and imaginative, problem-solving and who construct their thoughts, are open to change and development, and have a developed sense of responsibility. It gives students the habits of study regularly and cooperation in appropriate environments so that they can realize their talents and interests and develop their creativity. It aims to produce and implement creative expressions and ideas by using all kinds of materials such as clay, wood, metal, plastic, as well as the opportunities provided by technology.


Information technologies has become an essential tool in keeping up with the information age and in every aspect of our lives as we do our best to raise students who has the skills 21. century living requires, who can reach information quickly and considers reaching, using and producing information an essential part of our lives, are keen on team work, and able to think at a universal level.

Among these technologies, especially computers hold a significant place through the education process. In our institution that keeps up with new technologies and aims to raise tomorrow's grown-ups in the best way, our goal is to teach our students digital literacy, to have a good grasp on technology in today's information era, to easily adapt innovations in software and hardware tech and to make use of technologies in their daily lives in the best way possible.

Along with teaching the effective and safe ways of using the internet, social media and digital tools, we also actively teach digital citizenship, digital literacy, Algorithm and Basic Programming techniques, calculative thinking and coding.


It is an activity that is scientific because it requires knowledge, artistic because it requires creativity, sportive because the struggle to use knowledge and skills becomes energy.

A chess player reflects on the foresights and strategies they have about the positions of the pieces and hence see the outcomes of moves immediately. Therefore, one should be quick to conclude what is right and what is wrong. Chess classes contribute especially to the development of abstract intelligence by improving perception, memory, attention and reasoning.

Successes of School Teams

• Asian Side Under-18 Istanbul Chess Third Place (2013)
• Turkey Children's Chess League, Karaman Turkey Second Place (2013)
• Second Place in Istanbul Stars Chess Provincial Championship (2014)
• Table First and Second Place in a Tournament Organized by a Private Institution (2014)
• Junior Boy County Championship (2016)
• Junior Boy County Second Place (2016)
• Junior Boy County Third Place (2016)
• Little Girls District Championship (2016)
• Little Girl Team District Championship (2016)
• Little Girls Team District Championship (2016)
• Stars Table Rank General Category First (2016)
• Stars Table Ranking Second in General Category (2016)
• General Category Men's Star Team Championship (2016)
• Second Place in General Category Star Girls Team (2016)


Folk dances aim to improve students' physical and mental capabilities. Along with folk dance, students learn dances to perform on a stage within more modernized dance figure studies. Students who get trained in folk dance participate in ceremonies, activities and various festivals.


Why Drama?

Drama is important as it
• helps self-development
• develops critical thinking skills
• helps social development and collaborative skills
• develops communicative skills
• develops moral values
• develops problem solving skills
• develops language skills
• helps students to gain the understanding of art
• develops imagination
• develops listening skills
• develops the ability to evaluate events
• develops students’ observations of other people, situations and natural events


The aim of theatre education should be to develop the creative thinking processes of children and to instil artistic pleasure in the individuals of the future. In this context, education will not only improve young people's ability to speak, create and express themselves, but will also provide them with a critical perspective on art, society, and media in particular theatre. Individuals who gain self-confidence will be able to express themselves more easily both in school and in other environments through the knowledge and skills. In addition, with the creative perception process and pleasure they have gained, they will be individuals who are intertwined with art in the future and benefit from the creative feature of art in all areas of life.


Our goal is to teach students basic ballet movements and postures, as well as to make them gain body coordination, to enable them to transfer the sense of rhythm to the body, to make them use space and to raise awareness. It is clear that dance exercises support the development of motor movements in children and strengthen the musculoskeletal system. At the same time, it is an undeniable fact that with dance, children's imaginations develop and they become happy individuals. We prepare choreographies for ceremonies and end-of-year performances with the students who take dance lessons at our school, and our students have the opportunity to stage their work in several events.