Turkish Language Department

The objective of the Turkish and Turkish Literature classes, identified by the Turkish Language Department of our school, is to improve the language skills of students who graduated from primary and middle school and transferred to high school, and to teach the fundamental values of Turkish culture, utilizing valued literary works that are accepted as our nation's shared cultural values.

Therefore, our main goal here is to make sure that our students enjoy what they read for classes; gain the skills to understand and interpret what they read, express their feelings and thoughts well, accurately and beautifully; learn about the refined beliefs, knowledge and tendencies of our culture and internalize them; recognize that Turkish is a structured, rich, fruitful language from a rooted language family, that gave birth to exquisite literary works in various genres and styles.

To reach the designated goal, all teachers in our staff exhibit a certain attitude. In that sense;

– We measure the interests and assess the levels of our students in language using and the cultural level of our environment,

– Since it is accepted that language awareness is built by reading and understanding what you read, we instil in our students the ability to express what they read, see and experience in their own words in order to transform language awareness and gains into skills.

– With practices on different texts, we help students understand how and why parts of speech form a new, broader and superior whole around a message.

– During our classes, instead of presenting intangible knowledge and giving advice about expressions of language, we teach the features of the Turkish language by improving our students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using literary texts; and through individual practices in this sense, we ensure that they adopt the habit and enjoyment of using the language accurately and beautifully.

– In order to increase the students' engagement in the activities, we have methods and techniques (Q&A, oral presentations, reading and narrating, debates, brainstorming, problem-solving, etc.),

– We ensure that our students embrace the idea that language skills are a need,

– We aspire to raise our students' awareness that they should embrace the Turkish cultural heritage and Atatürk's principles and reforms in a universal sense and work to preserve these values.

– We help our students practice the language on various texts to demonstrate the beauty and reason of our language, and help them understand the individual and group work as studying methods.

– As we run this education program, we take differences and diversities of students into consideration since it's required for a dynamic learning environment.

– The subjects are lined in a way that moves up from basic to complex, from the known to the unknown, and from easy to hard levels.

– Every semester, we encourage students to read books suitable to their reading level, analyse the books and share it with their friends.

– We utilize educational tools parallel to course subjects (such as videos, documentaries, presentations, smart boards, CDs and so on), which are indispensable elements in education.

– The learning outcomes of every unit are repeated and reinforced in later units without disrupting the flow of the lesson; and once a unit comes to an end, we test the students about the subject to keep track of their levels of understanding.

– We make a point to instil in our students the habit of using accurate spelling and punctuation and obeying grammar rules both in verbal and written expression.

– We make sure to create an environment and opportunities to teach our students the past and present of Turkish Literature and its place and importance among World Literature.

– Through Turkish Language and Literature education, our students adopt solid, balanced, free and systematic thinking; and gain researching, debate, evaluation, interpreting, synthesis and creative skills.

– We introduce works from Turkish and World Literature to teach students about the national and universal values.

Foreign Languages

As Atacan Private Educational Institutions who have always aimed to raise confident, modern and well-qualified young people who support creative thinking, one of our primary goals is to teach our students a foreign language along with teaching them our mother tongue and to improve some skills as they learn this foreign language.

As the Foreign Languages department, whose principle is learning for a lifetime and who has a student-centric education approach, our aim is to teach our students how to use English accurately and fluently by helping them improve their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills more effectively; make them feel the privilege of speaking a foreign language, support their social and communicational skills in case they study abroad; to introduce the world, different viewpoints and different cultures, and help them use foreign languages in every part of their lives.

In our institution, our students see foreign languages not as lessons, but as a lifestyle and continue their language education in an environment created to help them develop their skills more actively and in the best possible way. This way, when our students successfully graduate and start their lives as adults, their interest in and hobbies about foreign languages will have remained and they will take steps to learn other foreign languages as well.

Cambridge ESOL Exams are the most well-known and valid one of the foreign language exams. We have our students take the Cambridge Exams, which are the most well-known and valid exams, every year to make their performance throughout the years and the level they reached official with an exam that has international validity. It is optional for our students to take these exams (Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET, FCE, etc.) that asses their four basic skills.

Mathematics Department

A successful person is one who has the most accurate knowledge and who loves life. When talent and a heart filled with love come together, success finds you, pushes you over the top and keeps you there.

Raising students who have the qualities required by our school's vision obligate the emergence of different roles for teachers. In our school, the in-class activities are constructed with an educational understanding that makes students question and think further. Our teachers deliver the content of the course and become effective catalysts who transform students from passive information consumers to highly-motivated and cooperative active learners.

– From this point forward, thanks to study models that teach critical thinking, communication and cooperation skills used in our classes;

– With techniques to make games out of course subjects, classes are more interactive and interesting,

– Students get the chance to learn at a rate they're comfortable with, thus no student falls behind, and motivation is increased,

– The interaction between students and teachers is quicker.

In the light of these learning outcomes, the targeted success rate of our school in nationwide exams continues to increase. Academic guidance of our students, whose talents and tendencies are detected through scientific genetics tests and inventories, is conducted in line with this collected data.

Remedial Hours

The school provides students with remedial hours and extra courses at weekends in order to increase the success rate of our students in TYT-AYT and LGS exams. The teachers help students regarding to the subjects they need to revise. The acquisitions that the students need to revise are determined through several tests.

International Exams

In the remedial hours which are after-school on weekdays, our students are trained by teachers for international mathematics competitions.

The Exams we attend

– The Math League (Grades 5-6-7-8)
– Kangaroo Exam (Grades 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12)

Social Sciences Department

Social Science is a branch of science that studies the humanity and societies and their lives around the world. It identifies people's behaviours, standards of judgment, beliefs, desires, physical and social needs, cultural values, educational levels and habits. So, social science is a field of study that focuses on evaluating and understanding these elements.

In this sense, the primary purpose of Social Sciences Department is to raise students to be modern and good people, in accordance with Atatürk's principles and reforms that Atacan Educational Institutions' main mission is based on.

In our History classes, we instil feelings of national identity and belonging in our students and create an environment for our children, who are our future, based on the “learning through experience” philosophy. In line with this, we organize trips to many museums and places around beautiful Istanbul that preserves its historical atmosphere.

In the Geography lessons, our goal is to bring individuals in our society who are sensitive to problems in our country and around the world, by showing instances from real life and strengthening our students' abilities to question and appraise so they can understand the environment and our world.

Philosophy lessons aim to raise generations who adopt critical thinking, creativity and debating mentality; respect different ideas that are consistent in itself, contribute to democracy and question info.

Through Education of Religion and Ethics classes, we aspire to bring in our society people who are physically, spiritually and mentally healthy by teaching our students national, ethical and humane values.

As the Social Sciences Department, we also regulate LGS and YKS preparation practices based on fitness to students and readiness principles within the parent-student-teacher triangle. We help our students learn from various resources in our learning environment to support multidimensional improvement. To prepare our students for the LGS and YKS exams, we have the following practices:

– Smart content that is in line with MEB curriculum,
– Preparedness exams,
– Tests to grasp and improve knowledge of subjects,
– Exams to evaluate every process,
– Extra study sessions to recollect past subjects,
– Regular homework check,
– Keeping track of students and notifying parents within the School Management System (OYS) framework.

Science Department

Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses, under the umbrella of Science Department, provide the education environment required to bring up individuals who acquire 21st century skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, cooperation and who are eager to make research on the universe and nature. The science curriculum in our school are conducted and reinforced with our school trip programs regarding our experiments in our laboratories and course acquisitions at all levels in order raise science-literate students starting from kindergarten.

Due to the pandemic, we continued to do our experiments with our students during the online education period. Nothing prevents us from staying away from science or bringing science into our homes.

Every year, Science Festival is organized with the participation of our students in which they take an active role. In this organization, our students carry out experiments suitable for their ages. In addition, the projects of our students done during the academic year are exhibited at the Science Festival we organize every year.

In the program of our students who prepare for the entrance exams for high schools and universities, there are sample questions shared by the Ministry of National Education, questions from the past years, questions in our textbooks and questions from many different sources. During the preparation process, our students frequently rehearse for the real exam by taking practice exams and taking tests during the lesson against time.

For other students who are not in the exam preparation group, the tests applied at the end of each subject are evaluated by the Assessment Department. Thus, the development levels of our students are regularly monitored. After the subjects and acquisitions they lack are determined by the Assessment Department, they are covered with appropriate study plans.

As the Science Department, we had a project on social services named “We Share Our Books!" in the 2021-2022 academic year. With the support of our teachers, we delivered the books donated by our middle and high school students to the Maltepe Municipality Republic Education Centre for the middle and high school students who live in needy regions of our country. While sharing our books, we also experienced the happiness of sharing our dreams for a beautiful future together.

With this project, our students experienced that sharing strengthens the sense of social unity, what they should pay attention to when using educational materials, and how this behaviour can make people happy even without knowing to whom they help.

“The truest guide for everything in the world, for civilization, for life, for success, is science."

Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

Applied Courses

Beside Music, Physical Education and Sports, Visual Arts, Technology Design, Information Technologies and Software, Chess lessons, Folk Dances, Drama, Theatre Ballet, Dance are also important in our institution. Our aim is to discover and develop the talents of the students.

Our institution attaches special importance to applied courses, based on the quotes “Art is the recognition of one's own humanity" and “I like the sportsperson who is celever, agile and at the same time moral".

Our Objectives

Atacan music program aims to

-popularize music, improve creativity skills of students, increase their interest and ability in music, develop self-discipline of students that will enable them to have a good musical ear, enrich their knowledge,

– reinforce the sense of rhythm, create their own rhythm through classroom and club activities,

– raise individual who can understand the importance Atatürk gave to art and music,

– teach songs suitable for certain days and weeks in line with choir awareness.

It is aimed to introduce important institutions, people and events in the field of music to our students. For this purpose, school trips (live concert) are organized.

It is aimed to inform about human, society and music relations. It is focused on the meaning and quality of the music we sing and listen to. It is ensured that our students exhibit their musical acquisitions in various activities and develop their social aspects.

Practices are carried out to popularize polyphonic music.

Sound and breathing techniques are emphasized. Diaphragm trainings for speaking and singing are carried out.

Our School Trips (regarding Music)

– ZORLU CENTER: Notre Dame de Paris Musical
– Fulya Sanat Merkezi: İDSO Symphony
– Süreyya Operası: Ballet Show (Rossini Sevil Berberi)
– Fazıl SAY: Piano Concert
– Trip to I.T.U. State Conservatory
– Trip to Marmara University Music Department
– Barış Manço Museum Trip
– Kadıköy Youth and Art Centre Trip

Physical Education and Sports

In Physical Education, our students not only learn to improve their bodies and stay fit, but also learn to cooperate with others and recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. It is among our objectives to direct our students towards performance sports in line with their abilities and to introduce them to the life cultures of the performance sports they are interested in.

Our Objectives

– Strong bone, muscle structure and good posture habits in a good morale,
– Positive and contemporary personality traits exhibited in social life,
– Physical exercises with the purpose of recreation and competition
–Understanding and appreciation of certain scientific principles related the movement,
– Enabling children to successfully participate in sports, shows and exercises by developing their psychomotor skills,
– Focusing on the importance of nutrition, hygiene, prevention from harmful habits and first aid information in order to be healthy individuals.

The “Health-Related Physical Fitness Scorecard" Program is implemented in order to help students acquire the habit of physical activity, to develop the physical skills necessary for participation in physical activities in the curriculum of physical education and sports, and to create individual awareness for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our students' heights, weights and flexibility are measured.

Beden Eğitimi ve Spor

Öğrenciler, Beden eğitimi derslerinde yal¬nızca bedenlerini geliştirmeyi ve formda kal¬mayı öğrenmezler; aynı zamanda başkalarıyla işbirliği yapmayı, kendi güçlü ve zayıf yönleri¬ni tanımayı da öğrenirler. Öğrencilerimizi, yetenekleri doğrultusunda performans sporlarına yöneltmek ve ilgilendikleri performans sporlarının yaşam kültürlerini onlara tanıtmak, çalışmalarımızın arasındadır.

Hedeflediğimiz özellikler

– İyi bir moral ölçüleri içerisinde gelişmiş kemik, kas yapısı ve iyi bir duruş alışkanlıkları,
– Sosyal hayatında sergilenen olumlu ve çağdaş kişilik özelliklerin geliştirilmesi,
– Serbest, rekreasyon ve yarışma amaçlı olarak fizik egzersizlerin uygulanması,
– Çocukların ve gençlerin, harekete bağlı olan belli bilimsel prensiplerin anlaması ve değerlendirilmesi,
– Psikomotor becerilerini geliştirerek, spor, gösteri ve egzersiz çalışmalarına başarıyla katılmalarını sağlamak,
– Sağlıklı bireyler olabilmek için beslenmenin önemini, hijyeni, zararlı alışkanlıklardan korunmayı ve ilk yardım bilgilerini kavramak.

Akademik Çalışmalar

Öğrencilerde fiziksel aktivite alışkanlığı kazandırmak, beden eğitimi ve spor dersi müfredatında fiziksel etkinliklere katılım için gerekli fiziksel becerileri geliştirmek, etkin ve sağlıklı bir yaşam tarzı sağlamaya yönelik bireysel farkındalık oluşturmak amacı ile “Sağlıkla İlgili Fiziksel Uygunluk Karne" Programı uygulanmaktadır. Öğrencilerimizin boy kg ve esneklik ölçümleri yapılmaktadır.