We begin by filling a large container full of water. There must be enough water in the container to completely submerge the glass. Next, we tear off a section of paper towel and stuff it into the bottom of the glass. Carefully turn the glass upside down. We slowly lower the glass into straight down into the water and ensure that the glass does not tip to the side. We lower the glass until it is completely submerged. Students pull the glass straight out of the water. Then we carefully remove the paper towel from the glass.  Once paper towel is removed, we can find that it is still dry. Students enjoyed the process of this experiment and had a great time.



 The activities we do;

• Getting to know the materials we will use in the event.

• Preparing for the event with the materials we know.

• Completing the activity using the materials.


 Our achievements;

• Focusing on the situation that needs attention.

• Knowing that the napkin stays dry because the glass is filled with air.

•Knowing the importance of air and oxygen.