In our science activity, we crafted heart-shaped wings out of red crepe paper and affixed them to a piece of cardboard. Subsequently, we constructed a butterfly body using pink cardboard and attached it to the center of the wings. Then, we added a face to our butterfly. To demonstrate the concept of electrification by friction, we inflated a small balloon and rubbed it against students’ hair. As we brought the charged balloon close to the butterfly’s wing, we observed that it caused the wing to lift up. The captivating sight of the butterfly wing rising alongside the balloon captured the students’ attention. Hence, the students witnessed the phenomenon of objects becoming electrified through friction.

Our activity objectives were as follows:

Familiarizing ourselves with the materials we would use during the event.

• Preparing for the event using our acquired knowledge of the materials.

• Observing the electrification of objects through friction.


Our accomplishments included:

Equipping students with the understanding that objects can become electrified through friction.

• Enabling students to comprehend the impact of electrically charged materials on other objects.