In this experiment, our students were able to understand why the oxygen we breathe is so important, in addition to introducing the air pressure concept to them. In order to complete this experiment, we have used the following materials: candles, jars, dishes, water and a lighter.

By taking a shallow dish, the students filled it with water, just enough to cover the bottom. After that, they put a candle in the middle of the dish. The teacher lit the candles for the students and guided them to place the jar over the flame and altogether observed what happened next. The students watched, as the candle slowly burned out. As they witnessed this, they were also astonished about how the water rose up into the glass.

 By conducting this experiment, the students learned that if something is deprived of oxygen it can have an enormous effect on any aspect of life.

 The activities we do;

• Getting to know the materials we will use in the event.
• Preparing for the event with the materials we know.
• Completing the activity using the materials.


 Our achievements;

• Focus on the situation that needs attention.
• Knows that the candle does not burn in fug.
• Knows the importance of air and oxygen.