For this activity, the students were given a Mathematical theme. We had our legos and cardboards with numbers written on them. First of all, we introduced the materials being used to the students as well as the figures. Then, in order the make the activity easier to understand, we set an example by creating a tower of blocks on top of each other according to the colors and numbers written on the cardboards. After that, the students formed towers on their own by looking at the shapes, numbers and colors drawn on the cardboard.

 The activities conducted;

The students got to know the materials that were being used for this project. As they also helped to prepare them before starting and completing the activity efficiently.

The achievements;

Students learned to count numbers from 1 to 10 in order before moving to recognizing their written from. After that, the numbers were associated with objects and colors, the students observed and sorted the objects out according to their shape, number and colour.