İş Bank Museum

İş Bank Museum

On Thursday, October 20, 2022, the 3rd grade class went on a trip to the İş Bank Museum. We were greeted by officials and shown around as soon as we got off the bus.

The İş Bank Museum is a beautifully designed place with an historical atmosphere. The building was transferred to İş Bank in 1927. It was used as a bank branch until 2004 and turned into a museum in 2005.

In the museum, accompanied by a guide, the values ​​that İş Bank has had since its establishment, the first banking correspondence, vaults, the first telegraph and morse code, and photographs about Atatürk were on display. The room that was arranged for Atatürk attracted the attention of the students.

According to the information and the visuals about “Medals of Independence “given by our guide, our students designed their own medals in the workshop and this activity made our students very happy.

While leaving the museum, books, magazines and activity brochures were presented to our students.

We ended our trip by thanking the İş Bank Museum officials for a wonderful and welcoming experience.