On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, we were greeted by the staff as soon as we got off the bus service during our trip to the “Beykoz Glass Furnace" as 3rd graders.

       We were taken to the Hot Glass Workshop. The glass masters who made the orders they received had also prepared an event for us. While we were given information by the instructors, the glass master took the liquid glass from the furnace and blew it, creating a swan and a rose using a huge glass balloon and various tools. We understood the warmth of all the objects he made from the flaming fire of the paper he put on it.

      In the event workshop we were taken to after the Hot Glass Workshop, the glass master explained the materials and techniques used in glass making, and at the end of the work, he made a colorful glass fish.

      Later, we were taken to the Fusion Workshop, the instructors asked us to move to the tables prepared for us and explained that we should prepare our “I Made This" labels, and that our plate or panel works, which we will prepare from colorful glass particles on flat glass, will be sent to us after baking. We look forward to the delivery of what we did at the “I Did It" event at the fusion workshop.

      During our trip, we watched a cartoon called “The Journey of Glass in History". We have seen once again that glass is a waste material that can be recycled over and over again.