Basketball, which makes a great contribution to the personal development of children, gives them a sense of independence while making them happy. Thanks to basketball, while the body gets stronger, strong emotional  bonds are formed in the personality and intelligence of the child. The distances between social groups decrease and new groups are born in which children will have their first social experiences.

The best age of starting basketball is between 6-7, when children start to acquire the most basic motor skills. At this age, children generally begin to acquire psycho-social features such as working discipline, obeying rules, and acting together as belonging to a group, as well as physical features such as hand-eye coordination, running, jumping, and changing directions. Therefore, these ages are the best ages to start team sports, especially basketball. The aim is to “teach children to run" first and to gain basic motor skills by playing games with or without the ball.

Why Basketball?
Thanks to basketball, children
– develop communication skills,
– learn to share and help each other,
– learn to protect themselves and respect the others’ rights
– develop problem solving skills
– learn to be part of a group
– learn to follow the rules
– learn to communicate with the others
– develop self-confidence, decision making and leadership skills
– develop sportive skills
– strengthen bones and muscles


Volleyball instils sense of mission and responsibilities in children from early ages. Children who are aware of their responsibility in the team as well as their individual responsibility understand that they have to tolerate the weaknesses in their team. They also learn that it is not always possible to be successful, that they cannot always be the best and sometimes they warm the bench. Volleyball trainers usually give this training to  children consciously. The child playing volleyball inevitably gains this awareness.

Why Volleyball?
– Volleyball teaches how to set long and short-term goals and develop methods to reach these goals.
–Since children are not exposed to bad habits such as smoking and alcohol, they stay away from bad habits and maintain their health for life.
– Children playing volleyball from an early age learn to undertake responsibilities and fulfil them.
– Volleyball requires a high level of cooperation. With the awareness of cooperation, Children prepare for life without realizing it.
– Volleyball strengthen their bones and muscles.
– Speed, agility, strength, flexibility improve thanks to volleyball.
– Children who are aware of their responsibility in their team understand that they have to tolerate the weaknesses in their team.
– Volleyball helps developing problem solving skills.


Gymnastics is a sport that is exciting to practice and admirable to watch and suitable for the modern age we live in. As it is known, gymnastics, which forms the basis of all sports, is a fun and enjoyable sport that appeals  to both girls and boys from the age of 4 and provides physical and spiritual development. While providing physical development on children, gymnastics also allows them to have an aesthetic appearance and balance  their weight and body muscle mass according to their height. It is very important to strengthen muscle and bone structures, neuromuscular coordination, speed, and strength structures, especially in preschool children.

Why Gymnastics?
Thanks to Gymnastics children
– become more social and extravert
– have a good posture
– use body language confidently
– become more active individuals
– become more mature compared to their peers
– can take responsibilities
– gain self-confidence, team spirit, cooperation, sharing skills and discipline

Martial Arts

Taekwondo, which spread from Korea to the world, is briefly described as the path that hands and feet follow to reach morality and virtue. It suggests defense, not attack, and attributes philosophical meanings to body  movements. We have been working on this Far East sport, which contains such meaningful messages, for two months with different age groups in Atacan Sports Club Association. Our aim is to improve the physical and  personal development of our students, to improve their ability to achieve goals in sports, to have fun and to adapt to the environment, and to minimize the problems (hyperactivity, social incompatibility, adolescence,  etc.). In Taekwondo, children are taught techniques according to their own preferences. Children participate in activities as if playing games. No compulsion is imposed on the children who are lined up and asked to do  the techniques. 

Master athletes stay ahead and have a belt rating. In Taekwondo, they definitely work with a partner. As the children cooperates with a partner, they realize that they will achieve movements and  techniques. They learn to share and be together. They realize that they need their friend’s assistance. It comes to the power of togetherness. In other words, although it is an individual sport, it always contains team spirit.  Studies have shown that formal, regular work in combat sports has a positive effect on people in terms of self- confidence and respect. In addition, the aggressiveness of those who do these sports have decreased and  they have abandoned their pre-existing aggressive attitudes. Their social skills and participation in society have increased. There has been a significant decrease in their stress and shyness, and their ability to make correct and appropriate decisions has increased. For this reason, this positive contribution of taekwondo to children’s psychology has made taekwondo preferred as one of the most important practical application ways for hyperactive children. 

There are five main principles in Taekwondo:

Kindness, truthfulness, patience, self-control and unyielding spirit. 

We, as Atacan Sports Club Association and trainers, want continuity and maintenance of interest in their  branches so that our children can become good adults. 

Winter School of Sports

Atacan Sports Club Certification Ceremonies

The little athletes at Atacan Sports Club made both their trainers and their parents happy with their success and performance in volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and taekwondo throughout the whole winter season. At  the end of the season, the efforts of the little athletes were crowned with the participation certificates they received from the club president Eyüp Ensar Tavukçuoğlu and their coaches. 

4. Hasan Tahsin TAVUKÇUOĞLU Mini Volleyball Festival

3. Hasan Tahsin TAVUKÇUOĞLU Mini Volleyball Festival

2. Hasan Tahsin TAVUKÇUOĞLU Mini Volleyball Festival

1. Hasan Tahsin TAVUKÇUOĞLU Mini Volleyball Festival





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