We are well-aware of the importance of some of our values as we develop to become a modern society and know that we have to act consciously in this respect. Every student is a part of our society as well as being individuals. Our aim is to keep the connection between school, family, society and individuals strong. At the same time, we know that a modern society is formed of individuals, and that individuals who create their own values shall create and protect our society's values. We are aware that this possible only with a faculty who is trained to raise freethinking students and knowing parents, in line with the individuals' interests.

Our school's staff’s duty is to discover the students' talents and interests, and understand their needs in relation to their education. Practices in our school, from preschool to high school, are accordingly regulated by the department heads and the counselling service. Thus, the guidance our students need to fulfil themselves and to choose the profession fit for themselves is ensured in line with their potential.

In our Talent Workshops, we support the development of the multidimensional mind of our students and urge these dimensions to fuel each other with calculations and brain-teasers, a blend of mind-training games, strategic games, games about geometry and mechanics; mentally-developing number, word and memory games, and by encouraging them to create original ideas.

In our institution that keeps up with new technologies and whose goal is to raise tomorrow's grown-ups in the perfect conditions, our children learn how to use a computer with our lesson plans prepared in accordance with their ages and knowledge levels by playing educational games in our labs that have the latest computer technologies. Our goal is to educate with practice and research, without memorizing.

In our foreign language education, our fundamental principle is to raise our students with a universal awareness with the methods on communicative teaching approaches, using visual and auditory tools; facilitating dramatic and group activities, practicing comparison, projects and presentations, and teaching our students the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English with our team-spirited faculty enriched with foreign teachers.

The Assessment Department carries out several tests to decide whether the learning goals of classes are reached and assesses the results. These assessments that are carried out every semester, interims and end-of-the-semester reports all together demonstrate a student's academic success throughout the years. At the end of these assessments, the students who need remedial studies.

To help our children express their feelings and embrace appropriate manners when in a group of people, to improve their communication skills and to teach them to share, our school has weekend handball, basketball, step, keyboard, guitar, chess, folk dance, ballet and modern dance courses; hence giving the students the opportunity to participate in social activities in their school.

In the light of our work, we rightfully feel proud of raising students who have a free mind, who can make independent decisions, who has learned how to learn, who are faithful to Atatürk's principles, are modern, constructive, creative scientific-thinkers that are able to improve themselves according to their interests and skills, and also, to gain information and use that information well.