Our aim in Atacan Kindergarten, which has been in activity since 1989 in line with the Ministry of National Education Pre-School Education Program, is to support students' motor, cognitive, language, social and emotional development and self-care skills, based on learning by doing-experience, to raise individuals who are adhered to the national and spiritual values of the Turkish nation, self-confident, able to solve problems, respectful to themselves and the others, sensitive to nature and the environment, able to ask questions, empathize, produce, research, creative, innovative and have team spirit.

Atacan Kindergarten receives the technological support in education activities from Atacan Educational Institutions. The kindergarten students have access to the science lab, computer lab, gym hall, school library, art centre, etc. Atacan Kindergarten has 5 classrooms, a winter garden (projection, smart board, digital sound system, a stage), a visual arts room, a multi-purpose hall and a refectory. In addition to all these opportunities, our students have English, information technologies and coding, chess, folk dances, visual arts, modern dance, music, drama, science and nature activities, kitchen activities and cinema activities in a weekly program.

The age of 3-6 is the period in which the speed of development and the process of acquiring knowledge are the fastest and most permanent in the child's life. As Atacan Educational Institutions, we do our best for our children who receive pre-school education to smooth their transition to primary school by ensuring them to gain the basic skills expected from them in the emotional, cognitive and psycho-motor areas.