Atacan Arts Association

Children raised with a well-equipped, qualified education are the guarantee of our future. Based on this philosophy, at Atacan Art Association, our children gain the awareness of developing and changing their future  lives in a positive way with the academic and artistic education they have received. 

Our children, who are trained in our courses, have the opportunity to show their talents, take part in the plays of educational theatres  for children every weekend and meet the audience on the Atacan stage.

Our Courses

Drama, Theatre, Ballet, Social Latin (Bachata, Salsa, Cha Cha), Violin, Piano, Guitar, Flute, Painting, Preparation for Fine Arts, Painting, Sculpture, Photography.

We also have courses on Latin Dances, Design Workshop, Soap and Fragrant Stone Making for adults.

Drama and Theatre

William Shakespeare said “All the World’s a stage”. As Atacan Art Association, we are here to praise the leading role in our children in our courses where they will take the first step to determine their role in life. In our Art  Center with a capacity of 380 seats, we provide a sincere, warm and educational training where our talented students will be close to the stage and will be educated by our experienced teachers.


We endear our little angels to the grace and flexibility of ballet and to have fun while doing ballet, to stand as graceful as a swan but as upright as a solid tree. In the company of our experienced teachers, our students  improve their correct posture, body coordination and concentration


It is the size of our goals that raises us even higher in this path where we ensure the integration of the word art. As an art association, it is our main purpose to reveal the originality in children without stereotyping and  imitating art. With our painting lessons, we enable our children to use their imaginations better, to convey their emotional interiority with colours, to see more clearly the factors that will reveal the love of Picasso, Da vinci and many more by focusing on the creativity they have.


There is a well-known saying that starts with “music is the food of the soul”; we make our students taste music with our violin, piano, guitar and electric guitar courses by paying attention on the fact that the music is  fresh and satisfying to the soul.

Electro Guitar
Classical Guitar