Counselling Department offers a professional and systematic aid process to help students make the right decisions and evaluate themselves, have balanced, healthy and harmonious relationships with others, discover their talents, set reasonable goals and reach them.

As the Counselling Department of the Atacan Private Educational Institutions, as per our motto “People come first", our common goal is to get to know our students well, recognize their interests and talents and raise individuals who always want to learn and improve themselves, who can come up with alternatives and express themselves, have common sense, and who are self-confident, creative, independent, entrepreneurial, healthy and happy.

Our institution's Counselling works are planned for students, teachers and parents and since they aim to improve the students in every aspect, these plans start from preschool ages and continue onward within a framework of integrity.


It is the guidance carried out to prevent negative behaviours, attitudes and their negative effects

We provide services on
• Studies on discipline
• identifying situations that may cause learning difficulties,
• supporting the educational environment,
• health, safety, age characteristics, social skills, etc.


Complementary guidance means guidance helps to achieve the purpose of education and to increase the success of the student through studies other than teaching.

In order for the education-teaching process in schools to be more efficient, it should be carried out together with the guidance services. For this reason, supporting teachers in relation to the guidance is among the objectives of complementary guidance.

Counselling for Students

The works are grouped as works for students, group-oriented in-class works seminars, bulletins and individual works.

In the preparation process for the university exam, there are seminars about the YKS (Higher Education Institutions Examination) System organized for the students of the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades. The students are informed about “Exam Strategies, Ways of Coping with Exam Anxiety". In addition, guidance hours are offered for our Prep, 9th and 10th grade students on subjects such as peer relations, communication, and anger management.

In our institution, Vocational Guidance studies are carried out in order to help our students get to know various professions and choose professions that are suitable for their personal characteristics.

– Interview with the students who are enrolled
– Orientation
– Inventories and surveys for getting to know the student and the student getting to know himself/herself,
– Inventories and surveys, identifying and describing the problems experienced by students,
– Educational and complementary guidance aimed at increasing the academic success of students,
– Vocational guidance
– Guidance for YKS (Higher Education Exams)
– Classroom group work to improve students' social skills,
– Preventive guidance studies,
– Psychological counselling for students,
– Family counselling
– Seminars for student on Effective Ways of Study, YKS System, Field Selection, Exam Anxiety, Test Solving and Exam Strategies, Adolescence and Friendships, etc.

In addition, individual interviews are made with the class counsellors – course teachers of each class, and the progress of the students is monitored.


We base our education process on the strong connection in the school-student-family triangle, and thus, our work is in this context.

In the light of this, Atacan Educational Institutions Counselling Department leads the following programs intended for parents:

• We hold private meetings with the parents about a student’s academic status, his/her communication with their parents, behaviour in school and psychological state; and seminars and group activities about matters determined according to the students' needs.
• We hold seminars conducted by specialists to inform parents about different matters such as choosing career paths, development periods, adolescence, communication, etc.

Because cooperation with family is important, we hope to be in touch with you, the respectable guardians of our students, and expect your contribution in our work in the programs ran by our counselling Department.