The purpose of the Assessment Department, which is within the body of Atacan Private Educational Institutions, is to contribute to the increase of the quality and efficiency of education while providing “mastery learning" and increasing success.

The Assessment Departments organizes exams and assesses them in order to measure whether the objectives aimed to be achieved in the lessons are realized and to monitor the development level of the student.

It monitors the academic success of the student, which changes according to the years, by analysing the data of the report card and term report card given during the academic year.

It works to create a question bank. The Department shares the information obtained through all these processes with the teachers and school administration.

Preparation for Exams

Preparation for the Common Exam in Transition to High School (LGS): It aims to prepare students for the exam with special studies and to ensure uninterrupted development. In line with this purpose, it contributes to the consolidation of the student's knowledge by means of exams during the academic year. As a result of these exams, it determines the subjects to be studied by the students through the analysis on the basis of questions and statistical feedback and informs the relevant teacher. Then, the teachers revise the subjects in question.

The Department cooperates with the Counselling Department to inform students about effective study ways, exam anxiety, professional guidance, universities, ways of gaining knowledge and ways of transferring the gained knowledge back.

Assessment of Success

1. Revision Tests: Grade 5-6,7 and 8 students take revision tests. are applied to all grades. These test are taken immediately after a subject is taught. It is ensured that the questions about the subject are solved and learned through the test. In this way, the degree of understanding of the subjects is also determined.

2. Reinforcement Tests: These are the tests that include the subjects that are not comprehended in line with the results of revision tests and are conducted to reinforce the understanding of the subject.

3. Unit Assessment Tests: These tests are taken by all grades in Middle School. These are applied at the end of each unit to understand whether the unit is comprehended or not.

4. High School Entrance Exam (LGS): In Middle School (Grades 5-6-7-8), the mock exams are carried out by the Assessment Department. Grade 5, 6 and 7 students have mock exams at least three (3) times each semester. A total of at least 15 mock exams are planned for our Grade 8 students within the scope of the new central exam. In addition, remedial programs are implemented for students by the Assessment Department and course teachers.

5. All exam results of our students and the remedial hours arranged according to these exam results are uploaded to computer programs (OYS) on a student basis, and their academic progress is followed through the program.