Atacan Kindergarten, the first unit of Atacan Private Educational Intitution was established by Tayyapsan A.Ş. in 1989. In the following years, the enthusiasm of the members of the institution in education led the establishment of other units. Therefore, Atacan Primary School was established in 1994 and Atacan Anatolian High School was established in 1997 with the support of the employees of the institution, who has always acted with awareness of the importance of human education.
Atacan Educational Institutions continues its educational services within the process of educating its students with the understanding of “Scientific Attitude and Behaviour" by following the principles of “Contemporary Education, Accurate Information", and adhering to their national and moral values. It will always keep its place in the education sector as a modern institution with its current and future-oriented mindset.


Our philosophy is to contribute systematically to the education of socialized individuals that society needs as stated in the National Education Basic Law No. 1739. Socialized individuals are independent individuals who have the understanding of “we", comprehend the responsibilities necessary for themselves, their family, their country and the world they live in, and can fulfil the requirements of these responsibilities.
To achieve this, our institution acts based on the philosophy that the best approach is relationships established with love. Love is being attached without being dependent. Attachment brings responsibility and conscious behaviour, which is the core condition for success. We start each day with love, so that the mission we have adopted and the vision we envisage will turn into an efficient education service and grow from the institution to the public.
Everything starts with love in ATACAN.


Atacan Educational Institutions will remain as an “institution" that has identified its name with high-quality in education and whose membership is always honoured.


Our mission is to raise individuals who adopt the national and moral values of the Turkish nation, the principles and revolutions of Atatürk as the main purpose, and shape the future of the country, based on the idea of “prioritizing human".